Office attire

22 02 2014

It was a slow day at the office. It would get like this every now and then. The phones weren’t buzzing as usual. It was slow, I’ll admit. Boring type of slow. I look about my desk, my cubicle. I start rearranging stuff. Standing books and binders more upright. Keeping myself busy. Company handbooks here. Company handbooks there. I stand up to stretch a little, I look about the vast office space. The typing of keys could be heard by now. Some were rapid. Others weren’t. The thought ran through my mind that maybe the rapid moving keys were probably playing games. One or two, writing an email or two. Five or so were probably Facebooking. Then there was the occasional silence amongst the pressing of keys. That was people tweeting or instagraming. I look about the room. I see the clock on the wall. It’s close to lunchtime, thank God!! I see a couple of people chatting around the water cooler. Don’t know what they’re talking about. It doesn’t worry me either. And then, it happens! My phone rings! My head turns to the left, towards my cubicle. I glance quickly at the outer wall of my cubicle. A couple of keyboards go silent, waiting for the go ahead to continue their thing. I walk over to the desk. I reach for the phone…..



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