A 9:30pm appointment for Seduction (part 2)

17 01 2014

An appointment for Seduction! “Hmmmmm, Kelly won’t be home for a couple of more hours.” “I need to start planning out everything.” I say to myself. I take a sip of coffee. I could do this one of two ways. A casual type of seduction. Or a non-casual type. Shit the time’s going by alittle bit faster. I need to start fixing dinner. I walk over to the dining room table. I place my cup down on the table. I walk back over to the kitchen. I open the fridge. Let’s see here……We got beef….okay. Carrots….alright. Corn…check! Celery…..perfect! Biscuits…..Yes! Potatoes??? I walk over to the pantry. Good, I’ve got plenty of those. Basil….check. Parsley…..check. I’ve got everything that I need. Time to start dinner. I walk over to the bottom cabinet. I reach in for the big pot. I pull it out. I place it on the stove. I go back down into the cabinet to fetch the skillet. Got it!! Cutting board?…..check! Knives?…….check. Bowl……check. Now I gotta marinade the beef. That’ll make it more sensual! More flavor! Some A-1 marinade with some Jack Daniels marinade. Okay time for the beef. “Beef! It’s what’s for dinner!” And I know what’s going to be for dessert! Strawberry Shortcake!……..



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