31 01 2014

So I talked with my folks back home in Virginia. Seems that my nephew is enjoying his winter vacation. They got hit with some bad weather in the last 2 weeks! What’s funny is that because of this my nephew has only gone to school twice in the last 2 weeks. 1 day this past week and one last week. That shit is just funny when I think about it. See to those who don’t know about Virginia, we hardly ever get snow there. A major snowstorm once every 10 years. But from what they told me, is that this has been crazy for all of them. Reminds me of the shit that happened out in Omaha a couple of years ago. How there was a ton of snow.


31 01 2014

What is this?! What is this! Are you having to wear glasses now?? Hmmm? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh this is funny! So now you’re the nerd!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Karma!
But on a serious note. On a serious level, go with #4. They look right for you. And here’s why.
#1 makes you look like you’re in your 60’s
#2 makes you look like a 40ish cat woman who’s trying to be hip
#3 is right along the lines of #2 to the point that you’re trying to “Act” young.

Trust me on this Kelly, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. I know what I’m talking about. I did frames once and didn’t care for them. Why not metal frames?? Stylish as well. From the four that I see only #1 has adjustable nose pieces. Those are a must if you’re having to wear them for a long time.

Here are some things to consider when picking out frames. #1, prescription. Will your prescription AND the frames that you chose go hand in hand?? That’s the first thing to find out. #2, viewing area. Too little can be a bitch. Which would also mean that they would also be closer to your face. Always seated on top of your nose. Too much and they can interfere with simple everyday facial movements. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing window panes either. #3, the spacing between the lens/ frames and your face. Do the index finger test at the top of the frame to ensure proper spacing. If your finger moves from the outer edge (the sides of your face) to the center of your face with little or no interference then that’s what stick to. (it’s like using a gauge feeler to ensure the proper clearance between the two factors. #4 Plastic frames CANNOT BE ADJUSTED AT ALL. What you see it what you get. There are no adjustable nose pieces, no adjustable arms.

Here’s some more tips for ya. That shit you see on those Lenscrafters about finding your center of view. That’s bullshit! NOBODY just uses the center of the viewing area of the lens to see with. They use ALL of the lens! Another thing to consider as well is this. Does the eye doctor use the “old” style glasses. (you know that great big setup that swings in front of your face with the multiple different lenses) Or are they using newer technology? It’s basically automated to a certain degree. My advice on that part, go with the “old” system. It has NEVER failed one bit whatsoever. The new shit takes less time for the eye exam, isn’t 100% accurate, and also means that the eye doctor can get more people in and out, in a day. Another thing to consider or keep in mind is this. Weight. Are they going to heavy or light? Will they stay on your nose or will they fall down. Here’s something that I want you to do. You may look like a fool BUT this to ensure that you are getting the best. Look down for a couple of minutes. Do they slide off of your ears within seconds of looking down? Now I want you to look under your chair while seated (upside down trick). Due this for a minute or two. Do they fall within seconds?? Now do the bounce trick. Hop up and down and see if they move on you. Now the rapid shake. Shake your head up and down repeatedly, in short bursts and see what happens.(like going over multiple speed bumps) Pull your hair back, how does it look? What about with short hair?? A different type of hat?? Do the frames compliment your facial features?? Also get Transition lenses might cost a little more but they’re worth it. Makes your glasses into shades. It’s the shit! Last but not least. Microfiber cleaning clothes and spray. Plenty of clothes. Have one in the truck, a couple at the store and a bunch at home. Trust me on all of this.

Overall if you do go with the plastic frames, get #4. #2-#3 just have that cheap plastic look, disposable look.

Other than that, you look great as a nerd. Throw out some physics talk. You would’ve made one helluva great nerd when we were in school.

P.s. love the pose in #3……………have fun Susie Banks.



30 01 2014

As of last night or early this morning I have a grand total of 964 apps. Just a little over 400 alone on my iPhone. Game apps, camera apps, news apps and a bunch of others. I’m thinking that I should have over 1200-1300 by the end of this year. Can’t wait!


30 01 2014

As of last night or early this morning I have a grand total of 964 apps. Just a little over 400 alone on my iPhone. Game apps, camera apps, news apps and a bunch of others. I’m thinking that I should have over 1200-1300 by the end of this year. Can’t wait!

A tip

30 01 2014

Pass this along to Anna, Kelly. In order for her chocolate covered coffee beans to work she needs to cover them in the chocolate then either stick them in the freezer or the fridge to harden the chocolate.


29 01 2014

Now that is a great idea Kelly! I don’t know that retailers if ANY that offer on site, in store shopping. Yes Target has wifi to help with a persons shopping, BUT that doesn’t help the shopper when they’ve ordered online. What most people do not understand is is that the item or items that you order online are located at a distribution center. Not at your local store. Walmart is the same way. Autozone, Lowe’s, Home Depot and others as well. Walmart has the “Site to Store” option BUT that as well takes days. What you’re offering isn’t unheard of but it is freaking awesome. You should probably see if there are companies doing the exact same thing. If not, then you just revolutionized the shopping experience for everyone.



27 01 2014

recently I haven’t been able to write anything new lately. It’s not like I haven’t tried, it’s just that I haven’t been able to find the right music to help convey my feelings nor has anything been able to spark my interest.I’m hoping that I get something soon! Not to mention I feel that I’m going to be in dire need of internet detox soon or internet break. There’s just way too much stuff going on that deals with the internet and myself. I’m trying to figure out stuff pertaining to a bunch of info that I can’t seem to sort out or clarify. And a whole bunch of other shit. I’m starting to feel burnt out.

13 months

25 01 2014

So it has been 13 months today that I haven’t smoked a cigarette. Over $1600 save. Still impressed. Still going strong. Can’t complain.

30 years!

24 01 2014

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh. 30 years!! That makes me feel old as heck. 30 years and a slew of different looks. A computer that not only revolutionized the PC market but carved a niche into that same market as well. It even took the lead and retook the lead/ #! spot many times throughout the years. A computer that was far ahead of it’s time, and still is due to the fact that all the other companies are NOW just realizing how easy it is to have an All-in-one computer/putting the tower/terminal inside of the display and saving space. So here’s to you Apple. To you Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak. Thank you for bringing forth this marvelous computer and changing up everything. And to you Macintosh, Happy Birthday.


24 01 2014

What the hell is going on with these Universities and Colleges??? It’s like you can’t go one day without hearing that another one got shot up. What the fuck is going on??

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