A dream

30 12 2013

So this one dream I had yesterday morning was a weird one. (As usual!) I’m in a car, in the passenger seat, in a parking lot waiting for someone. Well for some odd reason I had gotten the impression that Nancy Sintara had passed away. (Don’t ask me why I had a thought of mention of her in a dream!) Well I’m still in the car, in front of this building, there’s a parking garage to the left of the car. The woman in the driver’s seat is sporting a 70’s look. Weird. Well the windows are up when I hear this clinking noise. I’m looking around to see if I can see where it’s coming from. Finally I’m able to locate the sound. It’s a person in a Medieval armor suit with a huge sword. I freak out. The woman in the driver seat is knocked out. I turn the car on and slip it into reverse. I whip the car around and haul ass. Well we get to a certain point away from the building when the lady wakes up. That’s when the dream ends.



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