9 12 2013

I got these fools comin’ to my MySpace door
Can you be our friend??!!!
Select all!!!!!
Deny has been activated!!
Now it’s time for me to go and switchin’….
to another profile
I may be gone for awhile
Cheer up! and smile!
I’m the VeryFine
I can act like a child
I got so much energy
You wonder how I can be me
But you sound like Eminem!
Why do you wanna be like him??!
Ha!! please!
I’m the one and only
When I got these women….
Who want to get to know me
And I’m not talking about my twins
I’m just talking about women in generally
I think of the twins a little more highly
Cause they got more power than you thought was quite likely
They can turn your world upside down
Have you banned from town
Make you runaway and join the circus….
to be employed as a clown
One with a great big frown…
on your face
All because they putcha in your place



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