The Store part 2

5 12 2013

So many different clothes and you have men’s clothing……good! My how this store has got style and class. So many different items to choose from. Hmmm, I think I need to expand my wardrobe selection. Some more colorful shirts. More denim jeans…………and you of course! You would go great with everything, including me! I walk around some more to avoid making any eye contact with you. I just love the way you’re doing things. So professional. So friendly. And oh so sexy. You assist the woman to the counter. Then you make your way back onto the floor. There’s still people in the store. Maybe now is my chance to make myself known that I’m here. You’re standing there at a rack of clothes. I start to make my way over to you. I have some clothes draped over my arm. I’m not too far from you…..when I stop!!! You’re greeted by a couple that has some questions. You answer each one. They then leave. Good! I finish making my way to you. I’m right behind you. That top looks nice on you. Those jeans make your ass look outstanding. How your ass begs to be touched by my hands. The only problem is…….



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