Weird dream

4 12 2013

So I had 3 weird dreams today, right before I woke up. Now 3 dreams is nothing new for me nor should it be for anyone else. Usually each dream shifts into the next in some sort of detail. Mine had to deal with age. It wasn’t the age of the people or a particular person. Nope it was pertaining to the building that each dream was in. So here they are….

1.) I’m in what appears to be an old hotel it seems like. I leave the room that’s mine supposedly and I walk into the hall. I go down a couple of doors then I remember something. I go to turn back and I can’t seem to remember where my room was at. So I go into a room on the left side and I look around. There’s a bed on the left side of the room, in the corner. There’s a dresser on the opposite side of the room. There’s what appears to Hot Wheels on this old plaid blanket on the bed. There’s stuff on the dresser. It’s dark in the room. It’s dark in the hotel. I go somewhere else in the hotel and I come across a window. I just get a glance for a quick second and realize that it’s night outside. I look down at the old carpet and notice that where I’m at there use to be a small closet with a butlers door here. Both are gone for some strange ass reason. I turn away from the window and go to leave. Then the dream shifts.

2.) I’m at an old gas station that is still in business. There’s a woman behind the counter. It’s night time or early morning out. It feels like winter time or fall. There’s a bunch of people hanging around the front of the store, not doing anything special. I’m outside looking in. It’s like I’m waiting for someone that’s in the store. Well I’m looking up inside towards the ceiling. White ceiling tiles. Some have tan or brown ring stains in them. Water stains to be exact. They’re old, no new fresh ones. Next thing I know a couple of people have shoplifted some items. The lady behind the counter knows this. She looks in their bags that they have. (1 bag per person) She let’s them leave the store, then chases after them to get the shit back. I’m still outside when this happens twice. I think to myself “What the fuck???!” “Why would you let the person walk out of the store then chase after them??” It doesn’t make sense. Then the dream shifts again.

3.) Now I’m in a building that has tile on the walls, greenish blue tile. That 1960’s green color that everyone knows about. That pale-ish green. Or is it that 1950’s green that I’m thinking about?? Anyways, I’m in this building with this tile, it’s dark in the hallway. Tile or stone floor. Don’t know whether or not its at night or early morning. I’m at a corner of this building. It feels like I’m in a school of some type. I don’t really notice anything else for after all of this detail I wake up.

Why the hell would I have this type of dream??



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