The Store

4 12 2013

The warm springtime breeze felt good as I walked down the block. People going to and fro. Going into shops that are lined up and down the street. The sun is out. It’s a calm Saturday afternoon. It just feels right. Stores left and right. Some catch my eye with their unique signs. But there’s this one that definitely catches my eye. Oh! A clothing store! The sign is still fresh. Let’s see what’s inside! I open the door. A little chime bell on the door….how nice! Wow! This is nice. I look around. I see women looking at the clothes. A couple of couples in here. Then that’s when I see something that stands out!!………You! My how things have changed! They say that over time you become wiser. What they should’ve said is that over time a woman becomes more beautiful as well. There you are talking to a woman about clothing  and other things. You laugh a little. You move your hair behind your right ear. Oh my! While you’re helping out with the woman, I decide to take a look around….




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