The light

3 12 2013

For some odd reason
I can’t bring myself to cry
and I don’t know why
Am I trying to deny???!
I don’t know what it’s all about
Her words are still fresh in my mind
and they can’t seem to make their way out
This day in age….
All the great writers wear kangos
With the words that swirl in my mind
like they were in an embrace
or performing a tango
It’s as if a part of me just won’t let it go
But I’ve got to….
to a certain degree
I’m a man….
and she’s made me see
You can’t force this
It can create remorse
Snap back and hit you in the recourse
and lay you on your back
like it wasn’t anything like that
You can’t push a relationship
It’s got to au natural in time
She made me realize….
this in my mind
She has opened up my eyes
This I can’t deny
That she brought me to the light
This is something that I can’t fight
nor should I try
I’m a VeryFine guy
and she’s Strawberry
So smooth and sweet….
at most times
I don’t care if it’s a pet peeve
I had to choose to leave….
And not to pick up that phone
Just let it be
If her decision changes about me….
over time
That’s fine
If not, then that’s fine
Cause she’s been a true woman
when dealing with me
Cause when you deal with Twins
That’s a fight that you just can’t win
So it’s better to be a man….
and just give in
And admit defeat
Cause they will stand their ground
and knock you off your feet
within 2 seconds of a head eat
Cause I’ve learned my lesson
you gotta go with the rules
and don’t go messin’
with a pair of Twins
Cause now they have my respect as a man
and now I understand
And I will say this
I’ll step up to the plate
When someone badmouths their name
in vain
That might cause pain
I will bring a fury that will rain….
For messing with these two women.



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