this year (2013)

31 12 2013

2894 hits this year. 272 hits this month. can’t complain. next year should be better.


31 12 2013

One time

I be doin’ shit/be everywhere/everyone knows me/Look! it’s VeryFine!/ Who dat be???/So sorry if you can’t see/I beat multiple murder charges/oh wait!/that shit ain’t happened yet!/…..


31 12 2013

I don’t do Thanksgiving. I don’t do Christmas. I do not do New Year’s either. I do not celebrate any holiday or special occasions due to the fact that I have had to constantly work or look for work since 2007 and especially since my conviction. I can’t even go out due to the fact that I have no money for such. And all this shit is depressing.

New Romance pieces

31 12 2013

Merlot Ecstasy, Modern Zen, Log cabin retreat, Black tie affair, Bamboo zen, Vanilla Delight, Executive Seduction, Grocery Run, Portland Desires, Bass and Kisses, The Arrival of Mr. Heights, Wet air, Portland Nights

A dream

30 12 2013

So this one dream I had yesterday morning was a weird one. (As usual!) I’m in a car, in the passenger seat, in a parking lot waiting for someone. Well for some odd reason I had gotten the impression that Nancy Sintara had passed away. (Don’t ask me why I had a thought of mention of her in a dream!) Well I’m still in the car, in front of this building, there’s a parking garage to the left of the car. The woman in the driver’s seat is sporting a 70’s look. Weird. Well the windows are up when I hear this clinking noise. I’m looking around to see if I can see where it’s coming from. Finally I’m able to locate the sound. It’s a person in a Medieval armor suit with a huge sword. I freak out. The woman in the driver seat is knocked out. I turn the car on and slip it into reverse. I whip the car around and haul ass. Well we get to a certain point away from the building when the lady wakes up. That’s when the dream ends.


30 12 2013

you know I noticed about a couple of hours after you visited my page that you had done so after looking at my Pinterest page. What were you trying to repost something of mine when you found out that I had blocked you and your sisters??? Sucks doesn’t it?? Not being able to figure out why, nor being able to understand why you got blocked. Questioning yourself as to why you got blocked. See unlike you I’m not fucking playing Kelly. I’m serious about shit. Recognize!

30 12 2013

serious lies/serious crimes/how I do this/for the one time/go ahead and lie some more/all those guys from your past….were a bore/


30 12 2013

Had a bunch of weird ass dreams. Not one of them made sense! And I plan on posting at least the ones that I had this morning.


27 12 2013

Thank God the holidays are now over with. Ain’t gotta worry about another one for a while.

Doctor Who

25 12 2013

So tonight is the 11th Doctor’s last night, that sucks although the 9th and 10th Doctor were my favorite. We’ll see how #12 turns out. I wonder if he’s going to have a new Sonic Screwdriver? I wonder what the outfit will be? The catch phrase?? Companions??? I’m still behind on the last season though.

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