Which voice?

19 11 2013

I made that phone call yesterday like I said. It was 2:38pm, my time. It rang once or twice. Then it came! Her voice!….so sexy…..so sweet….and oh so nice. She said “leave a message and we’ll get back.” I thought to myself “Ummm not yet.” I gotta think of what voice I wanna use. Did he say what voice? Yep!! Maybe the normal voice……..ummm. Maybe the deep voice…..the one that’s sexy……seductive…..and romantic. The one that’ll make you act all frantic, and cause one hell of a panic. Maybe the professional voice….“Hi I was callin’ because I was curious…..Maybe the Night Angel voice. Damn the only problem is…….choice! Which voice? I’ll think about it when I’m at work today. Compose what I’m gonna say. Think about the voices. I’ll call her Friday. Not to stress her out. And I’m gonna leave that message! I’m sure I’m teasin’ her, but I’ll be pleasin’ her come tomorrow. It brings a smile to my face. I’ve got a normal heart pace. I’m sure she would like to hear my voice after all these years. The only thing that we both don’t know yet is……………When will I call her again? Ohhhh the suspense. Now my heart’s a racin’!




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