Ric “Hemi” Killebrew

15 11 2013

Ha ha ha
I’ve made an improvement to myself
In the past few months if not years
I know how to make a woman shed a tear
The ones that come from happiness and not fear
Not anything else
Or anything near
Cause I know how to stay true to this passion
Whether it’s indirect or in her face
I go for the askin’
I can be my true self at her place
For that of her time
Cause I know she’s quite busy
But that doesn’t mean that she can’t talk to the Hemi!
Yes that’s me!
I’m like the Hemi engine
Rule the streets!
While bringing the heat
Take time off
Recoup my skillz
Come back years later
For the kill!
Or maybe it’s the passion
Or that of the thrill



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