Touchdown!! Turnaround!!

14 11 2013

Touchdown!! Turnaround!!
I want to see how you get…
Do this when I spin you…
Just admit…
we can have fun
Do this cuz I am the…
Hold on!
we’re not quite done
I never knew you
But I want to see you
What you can do
Touchdown!! Turnaround!!
Let’s get down
Let’s have some fun
Do what I’ve always done
Just act like a clown
You and me
I want to see how you get down to these…
That’s right girl!
move those feet
Can you feel the heat?!
Touchdown!! Turnaround!!
Let’s get lost in the moment
You and I are the main component
Let’s complete this equation
You+Me=One hell of a good time
So like I said….
Touchdown!! Turnaround!!
Spin around!!!….
Hit the ground!!
Let’s get on down!!!
Grab her by the waist!
Pull her close
Look in her eyes
Don’t let the chance go by!!
Cuz you guys can’t deny
of a love that can’t lie!!
You are what I’m looking for!!



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