A VeryFine Cru (part 2)

13 11 2013

I’m just a little, small bird….
Who’s pretty, with cute looks
But beware!….
When I kick out these great big words….
Cause I’ll have you shook….
I can also clean and cook!…..
And answer the phone….
But only when I’m alone
Cause they’re hot!….
He’s hot!….Oh purdy car!!!
Oh that’s his!
Hello there!…
I’m the fashion designer
I own half of this town…..
Me and the first twin….
We like to drive around….
We like to act like clowns….
But hey!!….
We like to have fun with our lives….
whispers…Hey come here!
She’s the one that he also wants as his wife…
Very confusin’ to the mind….
He’s the one who’s got the name….
Who’s next!!!
Okay that’s my cue…..
I’m the little sister to the twins….
I’ve got so many things in my life I gotta do
One of my favorite things is when I put on these skates….
I’m the one who determines your fate!!!……
So do me a favor and don’t be late!!!
I’m the little brother to the twins and red….
Fuck me and you’ll end up dead!!
Cause I’m the one you don’t wanna mess with!
I’m stuck in the Middle East….
When I get home, I’m gonna have a home cooked feast!!!
Oh!!! You wanna screw with this cru for fun?!!
Hold on!….
Sit here!!…..
Il be back with my gun!
Who’s next!!!!
I’m a refined woman who’s got style and class!…..
I’m the winebibber, who’s got one hell of an ass!!….
Just don’t fuck with my wine glass!….
Cause I’m the type, who’s a feisty lass!
Don’t make me go and get my brothers!!!…..
We’ll put you in a barrel of fine wine until you’re smothered!
I guess I’m next
I’m another friend of the photographer twin
I have a passion for films and music
I have a thing for hit white guys….
And that ain’t no lie!!!
I used to have a thing for the bass guitar….
But that passion didn’t get far
Now I play with the drums!!!…..
I do that to get some….
Did I forget to mention?!….
I’m the one who came up with this beat
Whoa!! Why are you all up in my space?!!…
Do me a favor and get the hell out of my pretty face!!!
Who’s next?!



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