A relaxing time

13 11 2013

The water in the tub….hot
The bubble bath suds were….fresh

I got into the tub. And a sigh came out of my mouth. Now it’s time to relax. The water enveloped my body. The suds were crackling every second. I just laid in the tub, doing nothing but relaxing. I applied the Old Spice body wash to the light blue puff. I lathered it up just so! Went over every inch of my wet body! The fragrant flavor of the Old Spice? After Hours! After I get through working up a sweat! The water started to get cold, that’s when I knew it was time to get out. I opened the drain plug. The water started to empty out. I stood up, dripping wet!! I open the shower curtain. I grab the towel. I step out of the tub, still dripping wet! I start to dry myself off. Going over every inch of my body!The boxer briefs come on, hugging every inch of my region! Defining every inch of my region! I look in the mirror. Wow!! A man in his late twenties. I look more like a man in his early twenties!! Twenty pounds does make a big difference!! I remember when I worked in construction. In the summer while I was working, I would have my shirt off, skin kissed by the sun just so! Sweat dripping everywhere. I would look into a mirror and the man I would see was more like in his late thirties, early forties. Now I’m looking younger. I just wish I felt younger at times!!



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