An inspirational idea

10 11 2013

After looking at Anna’s pictures, I was thinking what it would be like to have a video camera follow me around for a year. I’m just sitting here thinking about all the possibilities and laughing…..Day 1: “I’m taking a bath here and relaxing!!!!…okay!!” “Yes it’s a leopard print wash cloth!!…..yes it stays in place on its own…now go!!” Day 2: “I can’t can’t get no sleep here??!!” “GIVE ME BACK MY MICKEY MOUSE BLANKET!!!….I see living people!” Day 3: “Who the hell drunk all of my freakin’ tea??!! Day 12: “Yeah we cruisin’ in my pimped out ’75 Gold Duster.” “You know how it is, people just jealous of the ride.” Thirty minutes later: “Shit!!…’s the cops!!” “Hide the donuts!” “I’m gonna try and out run them!!” “Damn this car!!!” “Come on, come on faster!!…….YOU CA’T ARREST THE FUZZY!!!!” “HAHAHAHA!!!” Day 49: “Hi there, do I make you horny??…….are you alright??” “You know you’re laughing hard like hell!!” “Your face is turning red you know!”






Nah!!!!! I don’t think it’ll be a good idea. I’ll just stick to my writings and romancin’ the twins



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