This beautiful night

8 11 2013

 The cool night air felt great as I sat outside on the porch just enjoying the night and it’s beauty. Clouds drifting by. Stars twinkling. Fighter jets flying overhead, returning back to Langley Air Force Base. Enjoying a cigar, a coke and a smile. Thinking about my upcoming move to Denver. I wonder to myself how the night life is in Denver. Make more changes to my life, like I haven’t already. My sleeping habits have changed, so that I can adapt to the Denver time zone. Lost twenty pounds within two months, earlier this year, for someone who didn’t care. Changed my eating habits. More healthier foods. I’ve got my body going through detox from the smoking, so hopefully I’ll be able to clean out my system of this damn nicotine within a week or two. Then the only thing I’ll have to do now is resist the temptation of smoking. I’ve resisted the temptation of drinking due to my father being a drunk. I’ve resisted the temptation of sex, due to my self conscious and the fact of all the crap nowadays. I’ve resisted the temptation of being and or becoming evil, stealing, or being violent. Yes there were so many times that I wanted to become my own creation; the Night Angel. But then you get hit with reality. You must choose between right and wrong, good and evil. The words and actions that you do are set into stone. I’ve done all of this for myself. And I’ve done it because I’ve had to raise a child for the past six and half years, so I’ve had to be a role model to him. That of course will be the hardest thing that I’ll have to face when I make that move to Denver. I think I’ll finish enjoying this night. Maybe grab a pizza, enjoy a coke and a smile or maybe a nice glass of ice tea, listen to some music. Relax and do some more writing and thinking.



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