8 11 2013

When I look….
in those eyes
All it does is makes me…..
For that beauty that I…
can’t deny
Cause you’ve got me…
wondering why
How do I tell ya without….
resortin’ to lies
On a love that lies…
About a passion…
for a set of twins
That’s got me wondering where….
yall been
On this time that’s gone by
That took place since we were fifteen
It was those eyes and hair….
that made me wanna stare
And back then…
I didn’t have a care
And now I’ve changed
My whole life’s….
When we exchanged emails….
you had me bouncin’ off the walls
I wanted to make some calls
but it had me trouncin’ from this fall
And now I’m back up
From the thoughts of this….
it’s just like the beauty of a buttercup
That’s got me writing all these poems
Just from listening to this song
When I write down all those words…
that I make ’em short and not too long
Cause I know I can’t….
go wrong.



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