How do I breathe?

8 11 2013

How do I breathe?
How do I deal with the faith…
that I can’t see
That’s got me beggin’ please
Cause I waited for a love…
that wasn’t meant to be
That had me down on my knees
with a pain that I didn’t wanna set free
I tried to put the blame on me
but I couldn’t even understand
That I tried too damn hard
Cause you’re just too damn far
I wanted to make that move
So tell me…
How do I breathe?
How do I take that step…
and just leave?
Why did this have to happen…
to my life!
You were the one…
that I wanted as my wife
And now I’m moving on….
with no regrets to take
With no loves that are fake
Just that one that is great
Cause I shouldn’t have to be made to wait
For this love to come my way…
or any other day.
Cause you’ve made it harder on me
and for this love that’s right in front of me.



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