You know

5 11 2013

You know you weren’t too damn smart to post the picture of mr. Mpowerd/ mark austin. When you done that the other day, all you did was confirm to not only me but to a whole lot of people that you cheated on your husband with another man. But why?? What’s really fucked up as well is that not only have you confirmed it on your regular Instagram but you also done it on your second one as well. AND you done so on Facebook too. Not only that BUT you have also in a sense confirmed it too and basically said that you don’t give a fuck! Bad fucking move see the thing is Josh can now take you to court as well as that dumb bitch as well. What for? You ask? Because you and that pompous bitch(I don’t like saying that fucker’s name, I don’t like it, he ain’t shit to me.) fucked up the marriage. Which means that in a court of law, you and that bitch can be held responsible for the pain and suffering that Mr. Lange endured from the fact that his wife was not being forth coming. That she did not care what she did to her husband as long as he suffered in one way or another if not in all ways, shape or size. See this is what happens when you don’t think and when you don’t cover your fucking ass! Not to mention when you fuck up another guy’s life and that person is going to find a way or more to make that person suffer. What because he has supposedly more money then numbnuts? Shit, that bitch can lose all of that in a heart beat. That bitch ain’t got shit! Ohh what because he has a beamer?? Bitch please! He could lose that as well! So here’s another question. What happens when it comes to that house?? It would be quite stupid to get rid of it. To down size.



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