5 11 2013

The night was a balmy night. I could feel the heat roll off of my forehead as the ceiling fan tried it’s hardest to coll my body. The Sprite couldn’t quench my thirst. I sit here collecting my thoughts to put down onto paper. I’m thinking about so many things at once. I’m picturing myself reading some of my works at Self Made in Denver. I image Anna sitting there in the audience. In this vision I’m thinking of what piece of work i should read. Anna makes the remark that I should read a Night Angel piece. I think to myself “okay.” Flip through my notebook and I chose a piece. I clear my throat. I start to read in a deep voice. My thought changes as I envision tomorrow, when Timbaland’s new album Shock Value hits the stores. I think on how I would rip some of the tracks, and start creating a slew of soundtracks. One for driving at night. Driving on a rainy night. Driving a muscle car. Driving on a sunny day and so forth. I think to myself if I’ll be able to pay off this past debt on time and in time for the big event. Will I have the Charger sold by then and for the amount that I want? Will I be able to get the apartment that I want from Classic Properties of Denver? Will I be able to get the pickup truck that I want? My mind changes thoughts again. Will Anna pick me up from the airport? If not then I need to have plan B and plan C in place just in case. The same for the apartment as well. The same thing if I can’t get transferred to the AutoZone on Cherry an E. Colfax. Time is against me on this chapter of my life. I just hope that I have some guidance on different levels.




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