My eyes

5 11 2013

Look into my eyes. What do you see? Come closer…closer….closer…will you just come here!! You’re ruining this moment!! Good. Now look into these blue eyes of mine. What do you see? Besides an eyelash!! Ohh boy..this is gonna be a long night! I want you to look into my eyes. Look at the rich shade of blue. So pure in trueness. Are you getting lost in the depthness and intensity of the color? Tell me what you see. Do you see the passion? The lust? The true me? How do you feel? Let me tell you how I feel. I’m cherishing every minute that I’m spending with you. Sitting here looking at your eyes. Your nose. Your lips. Your face. Your body. The things that come to mind that I wanna do with you. I wanna play with your hair. Give you an intense massage that’ll blow your mind. So what do you have to say?



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