4 11 2013

Those curves. Those lines. The things that have defined your shape. Those that have remained untouched by any set of hands. I have felt every inch of your body. I have bathed every inch of that body. I have dried every inch by hand. Just so that I could experience every curve and line on that body of yours. When I have awaken in the morning, you’re there. When I’ve gone to bed at night, you’re there. When I’ve gone to work, you’re there. The perfect shape of those headlights. When I’m around you, I steal a whiff of that succulent aroma. All these years that have gone by and you you still don’t have too much junk in that trunk. You just being you, is what I love the most about you. So simple yet so powerful. All these years, I’ve always bought you the best that money could buy. I’ve never skimped out of buying things. I’ve always been the one who’s put you first no matter what. Yes there were others, but they came and went. My heart has always belonged to you. You have been my first, and you will be my last. The true stance that you have held all these years, still amazes me. The purr that you make, makes my heart flutter and gives me a smile everytime.




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