The Wait

4 11 2013

She’s putting me through a test….
no less!
Doin’ this
it’s affecting my rest!

Yea I’ve got her cell phone number
But the thing this…
that’s the bummer
Oh well times a tickin’….
till the summer

Doin’ this with those twins
pushin’ for that win
Who?, What?, Where?, and When?…..
doin’ this now and then!

She doesn’t know what it’s doin’….
to me at all
I wanted to pick up the phone….
and call
It ain’t like I ain’t….
got the balls
Something told me to just leave her alone

It’s called respect
for her and her fam
Things have changed….
throughout the years
I have less to fear
More of a style and a name….
to wear
But it’s their voice that…..
I wanna hear
But that’ll wait till the summer.



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