The moment part 2

4 11 2013

Our lips touch. We can feel the electricity spark between us. The heat from our bodies starts to fill the room. Our kiss….is not too short nor simple. But long and passionate. My hands exploring every curve of your body. The sweet taste of your lips, keep mine locked to yours. Our tongues touch. We disengage from this kiss. I move to your neck. Short kisses bathe your neck in a harmonious feeling. I move down to your left breast. My tongue flickers across the top of your nipple. It drives you crazy. I then bathe your nipple in total wetness, your mind is being bathed in total excitement, Now I move onto the right breast. This time I take as much as I can into my mouth. What this joyous feeling is doing to the both of our minds. I gently bite your nipple. I give it a slight tug. Then I roll it around with my tongue. Then I stop! Is your head swarming with amorous?!…Good. I slowly drift down to your stomach, kissing it here and kissing it there. One soft, wet kiss there!! On your belly button. Now comes the real pleasure. I gently kiss your waist…Now I go into the fun zone. Fun for me, but chaotic for you. The scent of pure heaven. I give it a lick, not too hard but just right. Then I dive in! Enjoying myself. Exploring every inch with my tongue. The taste is so maddening, but I can’t stop. It tastes so good. I lick at it, bite at it, flick at it, poke at it, tease it. Are you breathing hard yet? Do you want me to stop??




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