The moment

4 11 2013

 As you lay there on the bed, the streetlight peaks through the blinds, creating an ambiance of warmth. I get onto the bed. I start to make my way towards you. Our eyes lock onto each other. The lights are off, the music is on. I start to run my fingers across your toes. Then they start to make their way up your legs It sends shivers across your body. I can smell the sweet aroma of ecstasy. My fingers make their way up to your hips. It makes you shudder in pure euphoria. Now they make their way across your stomach. Now it’s onto the chest. First the left nipple. My fingers stay at that area for a good five minutes. They move to the right nipple, they play with that one in a whole different way. Are you biting your lip yet? That’s what I thought. Are you grabbing at the sheets? Now my fingers work their way to your collar bone. Back and forth, and not too fast. Now it’s time for the neck. Ohh goosebumps………love ’em!!! They explore every inch of your neck. Then they stop! Now they’re on the left side of your face, cupping it. Now it’s time for the real fun……Close your eyes……….




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