new stuff

4 11 2013

Got the new pics loaded up. Now I look more human. Have people sayin’ “Oh my God!!….those blue eyes, the warmth of the lighting on his skin…….and he’s in the bathroom?!” Hey when taking pictures; it’s good to look in the mirror while doing so, this way you don’t mess up. But then good photography comes Au natural.I know this certain Photographer who’s pics make her look like a Desperate Housewife….If she’s a Desperate Housewife then I’m the Pool Boy! Hahahahahahaha. Don’t get mad Anna, just laugh about it. “So tell me Miss, would you like for me to skim the pool again?” “Oh my!”, “I dropped something!” “Let me bend over and pick it up.” “Please ma’am don’t get up, I know what I’m doing.”





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