a dream

4 11 2013

I had this dream this morning. I was somewhere else in the world. Riding a moped down the street. Well this moped runs out of gas. And I pick it up with one hand and carry it back to my place. Well I get to the place where I’m supposedly staying, when I see a street vendor right in front of my place. I don’t know what he’s selling. Well I see Anna Newell standing in line. She’s wearing a light yellowish robe. Her hair’s wet. Not a red either, almost bleached by the sun. And she’s wearing glasses as well. Right when I turn my head in her direction, our eyes meet. She knows who I am. She has this look on her face like “You’re really here” type of look. Almost like she’s pissed off. Well I go into my place and turn around to close the door when I see Anna hugging or kissing on some blonde headed guy who’s taller than her.





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