This life of mine

3 11 2013

These feelings for Anna are getting more and more intense. Why is it that I had a crush on Kelly, yet I’ve got these feelings for her sister. Is it because I’ve seen her pictures? See the thing is Kelly is the same!!!! How do you make a decision on this type of level? I try telling myself that’s Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! Not Anna! It was Kelly that I had the crush on back in high school, not Anna. Yet Anna had told me “goals are good…make a life for you and no one else.” I don’t know who I should blame. Myself or Anna. She didn’t have to respond to that email. Or she could have said “yes I remember you….now leave me alone! But she didn’t. Yet they both are reading my thoughts, and my works, on this matter. I think I might know what they’re doing. A test, to see which one I go for. No matter which one I choose, it might just upset the other one. If I choose Anna, then Kelly would blame Anna for stealing the guy who’s been crushin’ on her. Yet if I choose Kelly ,then Anna would get pissed off at Kelly and blame her. Saying that she was the one whom I had gotten in contact with, not Kelly. She might also add that it was her that got my passion for the arts back in the limelight. But then I’ve already chosen the twin, and her name is……….



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