The Romance continued again!

3 11 2013

I make my way to the lounge chair. I sit down in the chair. You come into the room and sit down at the far end of the couch. There you sit, avoiding any eye contact, eating some ice cream. Me, I’m just vibin’ to the music, still rockin’ my grey denim cap. Singing along to the Brian McKnight song that’s playing. I’m thinking to myself, “How I would love to sex your mind and body.” I lick my lips, you steal a glance , avoiding any eye contact with me. Then I get up from my seat. You look over and wonder where did he go? “Right here.”, I reply. I take your spoon from you and get me a scoop of ice cream. I put the spoon in my mouth. “Hmm, cookie dough.” Then that’s when I finally do it. In one relentless move, I rip open your shirt,  I take the spoon and get another scoop of ice cream. Instead of eating it, I drop it on your chest. That causes your emotions to run crazy. Then I start to lick every bit of ice cream off of your chest…….



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