A VeryFine Lyfe part 5

30 10 2013

Thoughts were racing through Rek’s mind on the situation dealing with Nikol. The issues that came to light, those that Rek could not foresee, had made themselves present on the battleground of love. Rek was having to fight this war, the one dealing with his heart and mind, and the notorious enemy to whom he knows as Keff. There Rek was having to plan every move and thought methodically. Rek knew that Nikol had saved him from total devastation, by not giving out Rek’s cell phone number or any other info to Keff. From that thought, Rek knew in the back of his mind that Nikol had feelings for Rek. Yet she chose not to express these feelings in front of Keff, nor that of Rek. The only thing that plagued Rek was, trying to communicate with Nikol without Keff finding out about the contact between the two friends.



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