A VeryFine Lyfe

29 10 2013


The night crept into the city, like a thief in a store. The rain gently fell to the ground. Rek sat in the chair, while the breeze filled the room, listening to some Asa Taccone radiate from the speakers of his computer. Rek sat there thinking of Nikol, and whether she would call him or not. You see Nikol happens to be Rek’s true love, ever since they met at Brookside High. Years have passed since they seen each other, Rek wrote her letters, she never wrote back nor called. Rek just took life as it came, but he always had Nikol on his mind no matter what. Rek found out one night that Nikol had moved to Las Cevas. So many thoughts rushed through his mind. Did she get married? Did she have a child out of wedlock? Did she join the Air Force? Does she work at one of the many casino resorts that lie on the Strip in Las Cevas? If she didn’t get married does she think of Rek? Rek wasn’t perfect, but he told her the truth even if it meant sacrificing his deepest, darkest desires about the two of them. Rek had decided to write Nikol a short letter, to tell her that he was thinking of her, and had also mentioned to her his cell number, his home number, and a couple of e-mail addresses as well in this letter. Now the only thing Rek had to do was to wait to see if she replied to it or not.




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