Night Angel continued

16 10 2013

As time continued to pass, the mysterious set of eyes started to make their way closer to the woman’s place. The officer still stood guard at the front door. Now all he had to do was find a way into the house, he thought. He dashed through the shadows, like it was nothing at all. Finally he made it to the back of the house. He scanned the entire structure for any means of entering the house. “BINGO!!” “First floor window!” “Opened just ajar!” he thought to himself. “You would think that after a person is attacked, in this cold weather, that one of the last things that they would do is leave a window open!” The set of eyes carefully opened the window. He slid through the window and accomplished a soft landing below. The laundry room, of all the rooms, who would have known! The unknown intruder slowly made his way across the room. All of a sudden!!,…..he froze! Upon waking up and having that thought of wonder, about the guardian angel, she decided that maybe eating something would calm her nerves down alittle. She made her way out of the bedroom and down the hall. Coming across the laundry room, unknown to her that he was now in her house, hiding in the shadows….



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