Night Angel continued

15 10 2013

He came out of nowhere! Three thugs soon became two thugs. “What the hell was that??!” “I dunno, but where did Manny go?” “Oh well!, forget him!” As they continued their assault on the woman, the mysterious man took care of his first prey, and now it’s time for #2. He came up right behind the next thug and put him in a headlock, dragging him into the night at the same time. The last thug, now trembled with fear, took out his handgun and started to cock it so that he could kill his victim. Out of nowhere he rose out of the shadows, behind his next prey. He put this one in a headlock as well, disappearing into the shadows. “Who are you??!” replied the last thug. “I’M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!’ Then all of a sudden…”POW!, POW!”….gunfire sounded out. The woman trembled with more fear. “Would the last thug come back to finish her off??” “Or what will happen next??” she thought to herself. She wasted no time in staying there. She got up and ran, as fast as she could, home; shirt torn in several different places, warm blood dripping down her face. She ran nonstop ten blocks all the way home. She fumbled for her keys as she looked around her. Finally!, she was in her own home. She locked the door and then called 911. She told them what happened, they replied that they were going to send a couple of marked units to her location. Moments later the cops arrived. She told them what had happened on her way home. The two officers told her that there would be an officer at her doorstep throughout the night, then they left……



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