2nd dream

20 09 2013

Now this dream takes place somewhere else in the world. Somewhere in the United States I think. It’s night. I’m at a swimming pool. It’s an indoor one. The tile on the walls of the pool are white. White tile on the floor of the pool with a blue tile border in the middle of the floor. The blue tile is about 3-4 feet away from the wall. There’s white tile on the walls above the pool. There’s alot of people there. Young, old. Different ethnicities. Well I’m at the far left of this pool. On a platform that extends over the pool. There’s a woman there from Omaha. I know about her. She’s standing there in a dress, it’s nice and classy. Next thing I know she falls into the water. The water is not clear, nor blue. It has a white-ish tint to it. Like it’s fog in the water. She doesn’t tread water, she just sinks under the surface of the water. She has a horrified look on her face. There is a guy right by me, that crouches down right next to me. He tells me to check under the platform. I start to lean over the edge but can’t see anything. I’m thinking to myself. “Under the platform??? She fell right in front of me and just disappeared, She didn’t go under anything!”  I go further to the right of where I was at and get in the water. I start to make my way to where I was at. AS I start to approach the area, I notice that the temperature of the water is not the cold or regular temp that it should be. That it’s actually hotter! It’s not “burning my skin type of hot” but it is hot water and it’s keeping me from getting to the spot where the woman fell in. I’m looking for controls to change the temp of the water. I find a set of controls, but there’s several sets of these that I later find out to exist for this pool. I go to adjust the temp of the water but it’s not working. I look around and find another set of controls further down the wall over looking the pool. That’s when I figure out that this pool has sections that are individually heated and cooled. I’m still in the water, I finally am able to make it the end that I was just at. The water is now drained just from this end of the pool. There’s someone in the pool, carrying the guy that had just told me that the woman was under the platform. Somehow he became a victim. I get to the platform to find the woman under the platform, lying there with the same horrified look on her face. There are aluminum bars running front to back between each and every column that is holding this platform up over the pool. “How did she get through those bars??” Her body is not thin enough to get through the small gap between each of the bars. I’m confused now at how this happened. But why would I have a dream that had FashFlood in it??



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