Weird dream

15 09 2013

So I had this dream where I’m in a car driving somewhere. I’m following Kelly. She’s driving a blue drop top early 1990’s Chevy Cavalier. Her hair is in a fancy hair-do. She’s got some type of hair ribbon in her hair. Sunglasses on. When I first see her in this dream her car is sideways, like it lost control and spun sideways. Next thing you know, The car is moving, she’s driving. I’m in a different car, don’t know what type though. We’re on a hill. It’s sunny outside, there’s trees near the road. She doesn’t look happy. Pissed off to a certain degree and at someone. I’m suppose to go somewhere, like I was suppose to go to a store or something to do some shopping. But at the last minute, right at the entrance to this shopping center, I change my mind. I decide to try and catch up with Kelly. To figure out what’s going on. This is right around 11am this morning. But what does it all mean???



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