The other Waterfall scene continued

15 09 2013

The small pool felt incredible to Susie as she sat there relaxing some more. How she took a handful of water and let it run down her skin. Oh how she loved the warmth of the water as it trickled down. The water from Susie’s hair beaded onto her skin. “This definitely completes this wonderful experience!” she thought to herself. She sat there thinking some more. She wondered what it would feel like to be here at night with no one around. Susie decided that she would make a return visit tonight. She also made sure that she would bring her glasses as well. She dared not risk losing a contact lens if she chose to wear them. She got up a few minutes later and decided that  she was going to get back to enjoying more of this paradise. Susie glanced over to the right and saw the winding staircase. “I wonder where that goes?” She thought. “Oh well maybe another day for that.” Susie made her way over to the stairs that led into the bay. She descended into the water and made her way towards the waterfall. Susie dove under the surface and swam back to the lagoon. Susie swam a few feet before she saw the shimmering rays of the sun hitting the water. She swam a few more feet before breaking the surface right in front of Vincent. Susie sprang her head back and the water was thrown from her hair. Water splattered the calming surface. Susie ran her hands over her hair, pushing the water down to a certain extent. Water dripped down her forehead and down her nose. She started to walk towards the sandy beach, away from where Vincent was laying down. As she was doing this, Susie brought her hands up to her face and had her fingers squeegee the water from her eyes. Once she had this done, she was well over twenty feet away from Vincent…….



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