today 1/24/2013-11:37pm

24 01 2013

What a fucking day! I go down to my office and I didn’t figure that I was going to work. Well my boss, Monica, was like “You’re dressed for the weather. You wanna do some caulking?? It’s out at 132nd and Meredith.” Ummmmmmmmmmm nah. “Okay.” That’s when I get the “fuck! I shouldva taken that one!” feeling. Well it wasn’t even 10 minutes when she asks me about another job. One in Arksarben Village at 66th and Center. I’m like “Yeah.” I know the company that’s out there doing the apartments there. She tells me I gotta take the bus, I’m like “I ain’t got no money on me.” She spots me a 5, I go over to No Frills get a pack of gum then walk across the street to catch the #9 to the VA hospital. I get to the hospital minutes later walk over to 42nd street and wait at a bus stop. The #55 comes and goes right past me. WHAT THE FUCK??????! WHAT THE FUCK?????! WHAT THE….. MOTHER FUCKER! So I ended up walking all the way down to 66th and Center. Get to 50th and Center and the #15 goes by. FUCK! So I get to the apartments 15 minutes late. I’m all pissed off and shit. I’m like This is fucked up!” I wanted to go back home. This and that. So then I get there and I tell the guys this shit and they just start laughing like hell. Throughout the day I’m thinking about Kelly. Turned out to be a good day. Tired though. Gotta go back tomorrow. Hopefully next week too!



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