11 11 2012

He was at the top of his peak. His popularity was growing each day that went by. The numbers kept increasing with each piece that he wrote and posted online. And then it happened! A woman that he had trusted, betrayed him! She lied to any and everyone that would listen. This in turn got him wrongfully convicted of a crime because of those lies, and the fact that the cops chose not to do their job properly. It was a long and cruel ten months that took his freedom, along with a part of his mind. While inside, he had to deal with the constant harassment from a lot of people. To make matters even worse, the woman who started this shit chose to further harass him while locked up. He told the truth and that didn’t help. Everyone thought he was crazy! He turned to doing artwork to get him through those troubling times. That didn’t work or last long. He tried to write, to try and continue his writings but that too fell short at times. The hatred had crept into his mind. It would come and go without a notice to him. There were many times when the hatred was too strong. So intense that he wanted to kill any and everyone that crossed him in the worst ways. Any thing, no matter how minute or big it was. He could care less about the consequences, he wanted justice!….

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