Protected: All Night Long (Right ReMix)

27 09 2011

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The Seduction of t.H.

20 09 2011

The following are titles of some brand new Romance pieces. The Seduction of a woman whom I will only identify as t.H. A woman who will now that these pieces are about her, for her, to her. Now in time IF this Seduction works, (of course it’s gonna work! I’M THE KING of ROMANCE! How is it NOT gonna work??!!) then I just might reveal to everyone whom this woman is. You see I’m a very secretive man. I don’t give out those details or secrets. No matter what! Now for those titles….

1.) Candlelight and stained wood

2.) King of Romance

3.) Maid service

4.) Pin up Girl

More to come when I think of ’em.

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