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14 07 2011

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Night Angel: continued (3/7/2011-2:06am)

13 07 2011

The D.J. didn’t feel so safe at her place after having two hitmen try to take her out, she needed to get her head right and sort out facts as to who would try to eliminate her and why. She drove down the Avenue searching for just that right place to review things. As she passed venue after venue, recounting which ones she deejayed at and which ones she hadn’t. What most people didn’t know about the music scene was that certain spots only used one or two Djs. Word was quick in Platte City as it was in New York City or L.A. Her eyes came across a joint that she had never been in. A place called the Beat Factory. Located right in the heart of the Avenue. It was rumored to be owned by that of music producer Timbaland. It was also rumored that he visited his spot from time to time to either enjoy the local scenery or to crank out a hit or two. It was also said that he came here looking for fresh talent in the music business.

As the Dj eased her car into a space right in front of the Beat Factory, she had noticed that there was quite a line going from the front door to….

Night Angel: continued (3/7/2011-1:06am)

13 07 2011

After the alarm was activated in the Tower, Night Stalker knew she had to finish her mission pertaining to that of her two sisters. she had to finish getting all the information that could lead to where her sisters were being held.

Every second that passed Night Stalker knew that the army within this building were out for one thing only right now…her! She had to try to alleviate this problem by force. As she continued her transition from one room to another, a voice had come through the speakers in the building. It was a thick voice, male at that, some slang in his voice, authoritative as well. It sounded like he was ordering this entire army for a showdown. But the only question that came to Night Stalker at that moment was…a showdown??….with HER???!….

Night Angel: continued (2/27/2011-9:43pm)

13 07 2011

Night Angel decided that it was time for some fresh Autumn air. He felt that it was better to patrol the streets, then to just sit back and let the action come to him, or for that matter for the action to happen and that he just be sitting back to see if Platte City PD does their job. Something that rarely ever happened.

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