A Vision

16 02 2011

A conflict between 2 parties will come about soon, it will involve a person in between the 2 parties. Allegations about one party will come out to be lies, while the other party will have maintained calmness and told the truth the entire time. Both parties will have their people there, but ones’ group will then side with the other side when everything comes out, saying that they were told to do so by the main person. The lives of 3 people will change forever after that situation. The main person who lied will then try to “fix” everything by ending it all for them, by trying to commit suicide. The person who was falsely lied about will be the only one capable of saving that person. The person will be able to relate to the other person about their world crashing down upon and around them. After that situation the other half of the lying party will have the same thing happen to them as well. The real shocker of the whole situation will be when the person who was lied about, comes to help out this other person. Confusion results from this action. The rest of this vision as far as how it ends or if the 2 parties then become one is uncertain at this time.

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