Protected: Black and Yellow (Steelers mix)

15 01 2011

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A new song

14 01 2011

i’m the one and only/i can come up with these flows/rock these everyday clothes/but gurl there are things about me/that you need to know/the last one put me in a situation that i didn’t need/the things that she did,it all felt like a dream(more like a nightmare)/(am i coming in clear??)/this is why i don’t have people so damn near/it all started like 3-4 years…ago/or maybe it was those 10 months back in ’08/but i can’t let….it….go/try to put my life on hold/the romance is so bold/my feelings so strong/am i right? am i wrong?/the words and tracks to this song/….

The new zodiac signs????….Don’t think so!

13 01 2011

I came upon a posting on one of my Facebook profiles stating that the entire Zodiac system had been reworked or corrected. Well upon reading this information I find it very hard to believe that these astronomers thought that they were right in their findings. Here’s why……..

How could the Babylonians have had 13 zodiac signs for 12 months when there was no 12 months during the Babylonian period?!

Why would they have gotten rid of a 13th sign when they thought that they were the best race on the face of the planet?

Christ was not born in the Winter season as most think.

He was born in the Fall season!

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