Nov. 8th 2010 9:49pm

13 11 2010

I just got through reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. It had nothing to do with that of a physical symbol that most people would think of as being in this book. It had more to do with that of the true meaning of God. That everyone in the world had lost their way from the foreseeable path. Cut to the chase here, cuz I know someone doesn’t like for me to ramble! :p The part of the book or parts that had gotten me to think even more was the part that mentioned that we ALL are intertwined with one another, especially with that of our minds! Which brings me to this point in this blog writing, if all of this information is correct even though the book is labeled fiction, then that would mean that these thoughts of love and happiness pertaining to that of Kelly are not only that of mine, but that of hers as well as others. I.e. her sisters. Prayers if you will call them that. Now I’m not saying that there is no God when there is loads of physical and actual proof, but reading this book completely has shed some actual light on this subject. That God created us in his image. Not physical as in looks but as his image within! An image of love and not of hatred. To forgive and forget those small, ever-growing flaws. Because even God is not perfect ( I’m sorry God! I know now that I was wrong on this part for the simple fact you brought this illness to me to make me see that I was wrong for saying this and I am sorry Father for what I said. I shouldn’t have said that! I jumped the gun and I apologize humbly to that of you. I have learned my lesson and should have known not to say something of that degree, knowing that you will have something to say in some shape or form. I hope that you can forgive me later down the road for my mistake.) to that of the utmost degree. If this was so…..

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