Right now

26 07 2010

This last two months have been hectic on me. I’m having to deal with 2 different women. I’m having to deal chaotic jobs that just ain’t worth a damn. I sit here stressing over the thought that I might not make it on so many levels. I’m sitting here thinking about every possible situation that can happen this week. Will I work all this week?? Will I be able to at least pay the rent at the end of the week?? Or what?? I have to deal with a woman that keeps jinxing me by saying “have a great week” or “a great weekend.” That shit ain’t working for me. It ain’t helping me. The other chick it seems wants me to go N.A. To unleash the other side, the very Bad Boy LeBrew. I just can’t seem to understand this. Her sisters also bothering me to a certain extent. I need my space! I need to breathe.

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