The trip to Germany

25 01 2010

Well this week is the week I’ve been waiting for, and somewhat nervous too. I’m going on a vacation or trip or finding ones self type thingy. Whatever you want to call it. I figured that I needed to do this after what had happened to me in the last couple of years. The lies and other bullshit that I had to deal with. Hopefully once I get to Germany everything should look better. Getaway from technology. Enjoy some fine German cuisine, food that I’ve missed for years now. Enjoy the sights and sounds of home. Especially the castles!!! God I missed the castles and their beauty! I can’t wait for Wednesday!!!!!!!

The suspense!

6 01 2010

Well this past Monday I redone my trip for the end of the month. Why?? Had to readjust the finances for the trip. Well after reviewing the info that I had I figured that it would be easier if not better for me to simply push back the trip until the end of the month. Not to mention with this redo it also gives me some spending as well. So now I get to by some things that I had been putting off for months, if not years. Laptop!!!! So now I’ll finally be able to get that and other things as well. Can’t wait!! I should’ve had the check UPS’d to me so that I could get within a couple of days instead of snail mail, but hell that would have cost an additional $20-35! Screw that! It’s my money and I want every freaking penny! So here I wait anticipating the arrival of that check so that I can run out and go crazy with my money.


3 01 2010

At this time I have so many thoughts rushing through my mind pertaining to the trip back to Omaha. Will I still have to deal with the bullshit from Kelly and her family??? The stalking, the harassment??? Will I be able to get work?? Will I be able to get a room once I’m back out there??? Questions that have yet to have themselves answered at this moment.

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