Chapter 11, Page 331 of 365

27 11 2015

Still feeling sore as hell from Thursday. Had no complaints from that, which is good. Can’t wait to see my paycheck from that. Sleep is off again! Gotta get that fixed. Bought 1 item yesterday (Thursday) now I’m broke. LOL.

Chapter 11, Page 330 of 365

26 11 2015

what a day! Body is sore all over. Those newspapers were freaking heavy! Had to do a two part delivery. It was crazy. Started at 7:00pm last night, got done delivering those at 8:00am today. Sleep is officially screwed up big time! We’ll see how long it takes to get back on track. 

Let’s see

26 11 2015

One time

Let’s see if she returns/if the curiosity grabs a hold/see if it burns

for this one time (time)/so sorry but this shit doesn’t get old

Lemme introduce myself/I have more than one name boo

Doin’ this/clues or no clues

I’m the King of Romance/the King of Suspense

the King of Pain/the King of Tongues

“But those aren’t names, they’re titles.”

I’m Bad Boy LeBrew!

Doin’ this/I can get….


25 11 2015

Wow. I don’t know what’s worse. Getting into a fight with a woman in person, or getting into a fight with a woman online. On Twitter. Especially someone who makes a mountain out of a mole hill over something so minute. They say something, you say something, they assume you are talking about it in a different manner or so, they then take things out of proportion and it then blows up from there. Obviously she has never been called a goofball in her life or by anyone. Right now as I write/type this, my head is just hurting or aching from this. I hate getting into a verbal fight, because no matter what, no side wants to lose the fight. BUT in the end, someone usually has to take the fall to please the other person. 9 times out 10, it’s the guy that takes the fall……..

35 Months

25 11 2015

STILL GOING STRONG! STILL DOIN’ IT MAN! #SMOKEFREE Good thing too, cause I’d be broker than ever! Couldn’t afford the stuff that I’ve bought!

Chapter 11, Page 329 of 365

25 11 2015

Today is the big day. The worst day of the year, especially for a news carrier. Black Friday. It’s gonna take almost 12 hours to get this whole clutter fuck dealt with. On another note, I’m not too happy with that of McDonald’s. Went to the one within my route and waited 7 plus minutes and nobody said anything, didn’t acknowledge me. So I left, pissed off and all. Tweeted to their asses and nothing. SMH. Go Green Arrow on their ass. “You have failed this city!”

Chapter 11, Page 328 of 365

24 11 2015

The clock ticks on down to the deadline. This time tomorrow, I’ll be busy pre-delivering the Black Friday newspapers. It’s going to be fun. Hopefully I’ll have everything done before midnight so that I can buy this one Christmas gift. Something that’ll cost my entire paycheck!

Chapter 11, Page 327 of 365

23 11 2015

Changed up my diet as far as spending and eating while doing this newspaper delivery. McDonald’s. Cheaper than Wawa’s on both. Except for the days of plasma donations, then it’s Wawa’s. Got my Amiibo figure coming in tomorrow, so I’m happy for that. This is what it looks like——-

I’m not using it for gameplay, just bought for the hell of it. Plan on buying another one so that I can open one up. Plan on getting the old school Mario too. Two of those too. Can’t wait for Wednesday too! I can’t wait for other stuff as well!

To my WordPress trackers

23 11 2015

I pay you fuckers money to track my visitors. And you can’t even do that right!……………….



So ummm where does Mumbai come into play??????? Because the WordPress is saying that the hits are coming from the U.S. Even Feedjit live is saying that it ain’t out of Mumbai! So what does that tell you?????? IT’S KELLY! DURH!

The Doctor’s Birthday

23 11 2015

So today is the Doctors birthday. It’s also the birthday of Whovians as well as the T.A.R.D.I.S. too. The birthday of awesomeness! 52 years and counting. Gotta love it. #doctorwho’sbirthday



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