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29 04 2016

busy right now. I see that we’ve got through the first 3rd of the year.

Chapter: April, Page 121 of 366

28 04 2016

Played some Rocket League today. Had a losing streak for a good part of the session.

National Superhero Day

28 04 2016

So today is National Superhero Day. Gotta give a shout-out or a mention to the Superhero that I created, Night Angel. The baddest vigilante that anyone has seen or heard of. But props to the ones that help mold that of Night Angel. Superman and Batman. Especially Batman.

Chapter: April, Page 120 of 366

27 04 2016

Doesn’t help when you take a nap and now you can’t fall asleep. Why me??! Oh well I guess I’ll stay up for an hour or so and do some video editing. I also blame this meatloaf that I had for dinner.


A work in progress

27 04 2016

I’ve got a long ways to go with this channel!

426 day

26 04 2016

13103372_10204837289126646_476229241728717130_nAhhh yes it was National Hemi Day today. A great day to have a 426 Hemi engine. The baddest engine on the planet. A Legend.

Chapter: April, Page 119 of 366

26 04 2016

busy editing a video for the PsychicNut channel.


Chapter: April, Page 118 of 366

25 04 2016

weird dreams today. really fucking weird dreams today.

40 months

25 04 2016

it’s now been 40 months and I’m still going strong. Didn’t post last month due to the shit that I was going through with Omaha. Depression and all sorts of shit. It still feels great not be smoking. I don’t know how my sister can do when she doesn’t have a job. Hasn’t had one in 3 years almost. Pathetic.

See Detective…… continued

25 04 2016

On December 16th 2015: I was told by Apple that I needed to reset my iTunes password. Wasn’t told why, I just did it. (was not a fraudulent message. This can happen when someone finds out what email address you used then crosses that up with the passwords that they’ve discovered to work with your other accounts throughout the internet.



On the week of April 29th 2015: I had re-established my account with Wells Fargo. On May 4th 2015, I had to have Wells Fargo give me a new password for my account due to them having voided the old password to the account when that was closed back in June of 2012.

On September 29th 2015-10:30am: I had to change my password due to someone trying to access my account.
September 29th 2015-3:24pm: It was confirmed with Wells Fargo that the password had been changed.
September 29th 2015-3:45pm: Password had to be changed again due to unauthorized attempt to access my account.September 29th 2015-3:52pm: Confirmation that the password was successfully changed.
September 29th 2015-4:13pm: Access to the account was suspended again due to unauthorized attempt to access my account.
September 29th 2015-8:08pm: Password change was once again confirmed.
September 29th 2015-8:32pm: Access to account suspended again!
September 29th 2015-9:08pm: Password changed being confirmed again!
September 29th 2015-9:10pm: Username has been changed and confirmed
September 29th 2015-9:11pm: Password to the account has been changed for last and final time.





February 17th 2016: I had to change the password to my computer as well as to my MSN account


I should not have to go through all of this shit because of some dumb bitch can’t leave me alone. And it’s funny how she was the one who said to leave, she didn’t want me in Omaha. But this bitch can’t leave me the fuck alone when I’VE ASKED SO MANY FUCKING TIMES! Explain that shit why don’tcha?!



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