Chapter 8, Page 241 of 365

29 08 2015

Today wasn’t all that bad, except for the notion or feeling of still wanting to kill Kelly and her whole family. But that’s what happens when you fuck with me and think that it’s okay and that you’re going to get away with it when that’s not going to happen. But hey I can’t complain at all as far the mood or feeling of today.

Chapter 8, Page 240 of 365

28 08 2015

Working on an opening scene for my gaming channel. Preferably a certain type of videos. Right now there’ll be 2 series pertaining to this genre. I can’t wait to make them and show them…..

Letter to Kelly part 2

28 08 2015

….It’s funny how a church going person could be so far from God, while a man who has rarely stepped foot in a church, has a far clearer understanding of God. A far better relationship with God than that church going individual. It’s funny how you claimed all these years that you were so “hard,” so “gangsta.” But look atcha, weak, crying when one’s around. Questions running through your mind. The only “hard” you are is hard-headed! See as long as I have to suffer, you will suffer as well. Simple as that. See it’s not just the debt that caused you to do “cancel” your internet as you so claim. Nope. It was because of me. Trying to punish me but it’s not working! What’s going to happen when you have to start paying your employees more?? See a part of you wants to listen to me. Wants to apologize to me. Wants me to fix your problems. That part of you wants to have that happy, stress free life, but that hard-headed part of you, the part that started this mess, the part that fucked up my life, feels that apologizing to me and everything else dealing with me is not right. That it shows weakness. But you’re not God. Everyone is weak at one point in their life. See questions come to my mind when writing this out. What has your boyfriend said? What has he recommended to you??? Probably not as much as what I’ve said, if anything at all. You couldn’t force yourself to block me on Instagram once more because of what I said the last time. That I wanted you to block it. That I wanted you out of my life. Think about it. I’ve locked down WordPress. And even if I didn’t do that, I still managed to make over 1400 blog pieces (1932 total) “vanish.” Because those to me were not as important as the 400 plus that would help everyone paint a picture of you and of the things that I was going through or what I was put through by you. 400 plus pieces that would matter or so in a court of law. (You forget the hit list)……

Letter to Kelly

28 08 2015

Sucks doesn’t it?? Spending fast. That shit is funny. Just imagine if you cut out the boyfriend too! More money saved! See this is what happens when you fuck with me and my life. Want this shit to get better?? Want to make that six figure dream that you yearn for??? Hmmmm??? I told you multiple times about what you needed to do to get things right. To make things right. To be able to breathe, but no, you’ve chosen to be a stuck up bitch. An ignorant one at that. Now look atcha. You’re failing. You’re losing everything. You lost me of all people years ago, when you started this mess. See I closed the book on Omaha. Closed the book on The Getaway to the Coves of Paradise. Closed the book on The Store. Closed the book on all of the writings. I shut down the WordPress account. There’s nothing of mine on Tumblr as well. See what happens when I write shit. That shit comes true. That shit happens. I’ve closed the book on so many things because of you. I’ve closed the book dealing with you…..shut. There’s no more. Good luck with your next marriage, cause that one’s going to really ruin you. Leave you empty, angry, and depressed. And I’m going to be enjoying my life…….

Chapter 8, Page 239 of 365

27 08 2015

Had a weird dream that some guy was chasing after me after he killed a bunch of people. What made it worse was my father was working for this guy. That he had gotten a head start in getting to me and told me what was going down. I told that there was no way in hell of faking my death, that the guy coming would shoot me just to confirm that I was dead. Next thing I know I had a gun in my hand and I was trying to kill my father and another guy. But I was having problems firing the damn thing. I unloaded the clip and reloaded, then I see the sliding button that said “<<<<<Safety” It was some weird shit. Lots of a detail in the dream.

hello Kelly

27 08 2015

WASSUP YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT POMPOUS DUMB BITCH MARK AUSTIN????? Ain’t working out is it????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! You need to quit going out to eat all the time! Oh and how were those trips to Denver??? You know those two resort areas that you went to within the last 6 months. lol…..

Right Now

27 08 2015

working on design ideas for Killebrew Designs part of the company. There are or will be multiple branches to my company. Killebrew Designs, Vincent Heights industries, VeryFine Right, The Vincent Heights Co. Each company will be different on so many levels. Here’s how

Killebrew Designs: Designs and manufactures many components/parts for various fields. Construction pieces or parts. Home furnishings. Computer parts/components. Automotive parts/components.

Vincent Heights industries: Focuses on home renovations that differ from those of the norm. The type that makes you feel like you’re being seduced by them. Or the type that have that warmth, tranquil feeling to them. *

VeryFine Right: Focuses on the areas of Entertainment. Music, movies, t.v. shows, books and more. Multiple brands under this branch.

Vincent Heights Co.: Store chain that sells Killebrew Designs furnishings as well linens and accessories that go with; bring together to compliment the room or home; or to complete a look that cannot be done normally with a Killebrew Designs piece. Brick and mortar to be exact. 

*and yes industries is meant to be lower-case. Design appeal.


Some brands will share items or features found within the company. Good example, Killebrew Designs will share the brand logo with that of the VeryFine Right brand…original










Vincents Heights industries logo….









you’ll notice how V.H.i. are all in one. V.H.i. and V.H. Co. will not share logos for V.H. Co. will not have a logo yet. They might not have one at all.

Another brand under the VeryFine Right category.










This is the PsychicNut brand. Deals with gaming entertainment.

Chapter 8, Page 238 of 365

26 08 2015

Tragedy struck here in Virginia when a former news anchor went and murdered two current employees of the news station that he was fired from. He claimed that there was some racial tensions at that news station. He also had the same problems (supposedly) at another news station. Race wasn’t the problem. No, it was him. He tried too hard and too much to where he was annoyance. He was picking words out of conversations that he could use against others. Like he said, he was a ticking time bomb. Things are getting to be outta hand with society nowadays.


32 months

25 08 2015

It’s been 2 1/2 years since I’ve had a cigarette. Saved over $4,080 to date and then some. It’s still a challenge not to buy a pack of cigarettes or ask for one. I can’t stand the smell of them. I can’t believe what other had to endure from me when I done it! 

Chapter 8, Page 237 of 365

25 08 2015

I hate trying to change or add to my diet. Not that type of diet. I do need to lose some weight you know. But the reason for this is I do this thing twice a week. I try to at times. It gets me extra money and I was doing this before getting this job. The problem is I was on a diet to where I would avoid certain foods that could cause problems with my donations. Now I have this job and that diet has damn near went out the window due to the fact that I’m eating more food and a wider selection. Mostly junk food that is, and it’s just a bitch because if I don’t then I could get put on the back burner for 3 months. Meaning I can’t donate, which would suck because I have had that happen a few times before. So that’s one of the things that I’m having to deal with……


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