Chapter 10, Page 275 of 365

2 10 2015

Didn’t have a bad day per say. This rain though has wrecked some havoc on my newspaper deliveries. We’ll see if I’ve got any wet paper complaints tonight when I go in. Sleep is screwed up again! This time it’s my fault, but it should be fixed soon. Don’t have much to say other than that.

I love arguing with people

2 10 2015



Recognize! Needless to say he have a comeback nor did he come back for more!




Chapter 10, Page 274a of 365

1 10 2015

Well this morning I supposedly had 2 wet newspapers, which pissed me off. $6.00 down the drain on that. Hasn’t been a good week or two dealing with those freaking newspapers. I guess I’ll see who lies today about having a wet newspaper tonight!

Chapter 10, page 274 of 365

1 10 2015


Chapter 9, Page 273 of 365

30 09 2015

Had a mysterious person(s) give a couple of likes to a blog posting but just don’t know which ones. No footprint over in my email for the likes. But then later on today. Hours after the likes I got 2 hits from a couple of people from Google. Not a Googlebot (which exist), BUT 2 individuals that work for Google. One of those people is a loyal to the brand Google employee. They probably wear Google underwear. I had to go back by a month if not longer to see if they were real or not. In which they were. But I’m not worried about them so much. Unless they are working with that dumbass bitch, then we will have a problem. So we’ll see what happens next.

Chapter 9, Page 271a of 365

28 09 2015

After I got today, and after seeing that one thing dealing with the loser, I went over to Facebook and scrolled down through the feed. I saw this one from Engadget I think pertaining to GoPro. That they had come out with another camera. Another entry-level camera (low-cost type). So I get all excited over this and I go over to GoPro’s website. I watch the video on it and was happy as hell. Here’s the nice thing about it. 1.) It’s only $200. That’s $70 more than the one that I was going to get. 2.) It has WiFi/Bluetooth built-in! Meaning that I can see what it’s shooting from the comfort of my iPhone! FUCK YEAH! I was sold on this! and the 3rd thing is….it comes out on the 4th of October!!! I can hold off on another week! Hell fucking yes!

Chapter 9, Page 271 of 365

28 09 2015

So today was my birthday (36 years old), I don’t feel like it. And everything was all fine and dandy per say until I saw a hit/blimp on the blog here. I go over to my trackers (I’m curious and I have that right, especially after being stalked by people) and there’s nothing there. No footprint. Okay, that means that it’s Kelly. So everything was fine and all, I go to bed. Slept like all day! Was surprised by this. Now one of the things that really made today stand out was the fact that I had 2 likes but only 1 was registered. The other 1 did not say what post it was for nor from who. Now I saw this right when I got home, looked into it and looked online to come up with the conclusion that it was Kelly. Didn’t get a birthday cake (which sucked), around 6pm or so, got another hit from you guessed it Kelly. Same thing like everything else. That’s when the anger and depression came about. I think that those two go hand in hand with one another. So I decided to write another (waste of my time) piece, telling Kelly to go fuck off. I do not know how many times I have to say this. How many times I have to say this to her (something that I shouldn’t have to do, nor continue doing.). I’m tired of this shit. Thinking about shutting down the blog again, but for good.

right now

28 09 2015

everything was fine and dandy until I saw this new hit that had no “footprint”, no tracking information. That shit just pissed me off. I knew that she was going to visit, but I figured she would have left a footprint, but she didn’t. She didn’t do it once, but TWICE today! So because of her shit, it made me mad as well AND it ruined the whole day for me being that it was my birthday. So.


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