20 04 2014

Oh God that’s funny!!! That’s why there’s Google! I thought the same thing too.



20 04 2014

So lately I’ve been downloading a bunch of songs, so that I could get things ready and moving pertaining to my Romance pieces. Still not done yet, but I should be posting some pieces soon. Right now I’m doing some research pertaining to Birmingham, because I’m about to write a Jill Gilardi piece. It’s going to be some shit. It involves her and I and a bunch of cars. Something like Fast and Furious. Stay tuned!!!


17 04 2014

Ohhhhhhh/One time!/There you go, thinking that all this mention/is straight love for you,….no!/You’ve got too many problems/You just need to stop, you just need to leave……..me alone/Fuck Omaha/In 20 different degrees of me/Do this and just listen/to my actions and the things that they say!/I spoke the truth and you chose to try and hurt me/but this is what happens, when you turn your back on the VA!/Halfway across the map and……../One Time!/…….


17 04 2014

So yesterday I was on Facebook,  when something caught my eye….Nemesis. A company has came out with a car that they named Nemesis. There’s only one problem though. Chrysler has a car by the same name. And it’s a bad ass car too! The Codename for the project????? The Nemesis Project. A project that I built. More specifically a car that I’ve designed and built since the early 2000′s! Time to get in touch with Ma Mopar!

Suck a Dick song part 2

16 04 2014



Now when I posted the S.a.D. song that’s not the finished product. That’s just a rough draft. The actual song is actually going to be completely different.

Partition: Side Note

16 04 2014

This is basically what I saw in my mind when it came to Partition. Now the only difference is the place and the dress. I could not find the building that I saw in my mind, in Tampa. So I scoured the City of Tampa for a building that was suitable. I came across two before stopping. One was Woodrow Wilson Middle School. And the second one was the University of Tampa’s Plant Hall. I settled on the Plant Hall. Now the dress is another matter as well. I envisioned a one piece, loose purple dress. Didn’t find one on Victoria’s Secret website so I chose the two toned dress.







Partition part 2

15 04 2014

You reach over for the bottle of Zinfandel. You untwist the cheap, flimsy wire tie. I place my Apple iPhone 6rS in the dock located at the bottom of the dash, right behind the shifter. I slide to unlock. I press the music app. The iTouch player comes up. I hit the back button, to restart the song from the beginning. “Power 106!, LA it’s your girl, Yesi Ortiz…..” I think to myself….“One of my favorite songs and it’s perfect for a nighttime, rainy drive.”
        The wipers are going slow as I just cruise down the Boulevard. “POP!” My eyes glance to the right for a split second. “She got it open I see.” My eyes are back on the road. I’ve got the cruise control on.. You pour the Zin in the champagne glass. The bottle finds its way to the bucket. You pick up the remote and turn on the surround system. “CLICK!” A sound that’s all familiar. The slide to unlock sound. You go to the player app. You scroll through your playlist. So many songs. You back out of that and go to the iTunes Radio. You select the R&B station. The Wu-Tang Clan comes on. The beat drops as you take another swig of the champagne. The bass rattles the speakers. I put my music on pause. I switch the radio to “Speakers Only.” A feature that let’s you or me listen to what the other is listening to. Your left hand reaches out and presses a button. An ottoman appears from out of the floor. You pull your legs up and rest them on top. The champagne’s starting to do it’s thing. You’ve got your hands up. Head’s moving left to right, you’re dancing in your seat.
         The rain’s stopped for a moment. I press a button and the top over me splits into two and reclines behind the seats. I roll down both windows. I got my right hand on the wheel as I lean slightly back on my left side. My hand’s up to my mouth. We get to Habana Avenue and the song changes. A good one. Rico Love. “Bitches be Like.” You’ve downed the first glass and are halfway through the second one. I start to notice round drops on the windshield. I press the button, on the dash again. I can feel the seat move upright a little as the top comes out from hiding. Both halves move into place. They firmly sit against each other and the windshield. I hit the window buttons and both windows go up. That was another option that you had Chrysler put in the 300E. Windows that can go up just by tapping the button. The same feature that rolls the driver side window down. I look over to the right. And that’s when I notice it……..


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