William Shakespeare

23 04 2014

So almighty Shakes, it’s your birthday??? Cool. Does one not thinketh of themselves not to be greateth?? Your writings, your works have been readeth, studyeth, copiedeth and moreth for these past 450 yeareths. There have been so many great actors who have broughteth your works to life. And there will be-eth even moreth actors and writers who will studyeth and look to you for ideas and inspiration. Hell I can’t say that I would have become such a talented writer if there was no William Shakespeare. There is no writer out there who can say that they weren’t shaped by that of you or your works. If one writer was to say such then they would be a liar to the utmost degree. I wonder…. Did you ever have any stalkers???? Crazy fans??? So anyways here’s to your parents for having a child who’s become one of the few people to have outlived any of the others. Haters especially. Happy Birthday William Shakespeare, on turning 450 years old. #stillloveromeoandjuliet


22 04 2014

One Time!

Chillin’, cruisin’ down the Boulevard/sweet sounds, wet grounds/Doin’ this in ‘ampa/So damn amped up/Not having to worry, not bein’ so damn camped up…..

Earth Day 2014

22 04 2014

So another Earth Day is upon us. Go out and have some fun. Turn out the lights. Happy Earth Day.

Game Boy

21 04 2014

So today is the Nintendo Game Boy’s birthday. Happy Birthday. You look good for 25. (That is the older versions and not that Game Boy DS crap either.) Ahh sweet memories, and then there was Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy Color. That was shit and still is. Let’s see what happens in the next 25 years Game Boy!


20 04 2014

Oh God that’s funny!!! That’s why there’s Google! I thought the same thing too.



20 04 2014

So lately I’ve been downloading a bunch of songs, so that I could get things ready and moving pertaining to my Romance pieces. Still not done yet, but I should be posting some pieces soon. Right now I’m doing some research pertaining to Birmingham, because I’m about to write a Jill Gilardi piece. It’s going to be some shit. It involves her and I and a bunch of cars. Something like Fast and Furious. Stay tuned!!!


17 04 2014

Ohhhhhhh/One time!/There you go, thinking that all this mention/is straight love for you,….no!/You’ve got too many problems/You just need to stop, you just need to leave……..me alone/Fuck Omaha/In 20 different degrees of me/Do this and just listen/to my actions and the things that they say!/I spoke the truth and you chose to try and hurt me/but this is what happens, when you turn your back on the VA!/Halfway across the map and……../One Time!/…….


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